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Triune Home Health Partners believes in developing specialized programs, focusing on patient’s specific needs, and to deliver the best care available.

We offer the following programs which will be provided by highly trained staff:


A team approach which utilizes the latest techniques and concepts in wound care prevention, healing and management. We have wound care specialists that serve as our consultants and train our staff in wound assessment and treatment, use of high tech treatment modalities (Electrical Stimulator, Anodyne, and Ultrasound), pressure prevention and relief, debridement, and patient education to help wound prevention and healing. Our staff is also trained in wound vac care.


Pain is the most common factor associated with the inability to function causing physical and emotional strain to an individual. Our pain management is geared towards decreasing the pain and improving the quality of life of the person suffering from pain. We take a comprehensive view to pain utilizing multidisciplinary approach and combining it with advanced therapeutic modalities to help address the problem.


Falls are a leading cause of injuries at home. Triune Home Health Partners provides a thorough multidisciplinary approach towards preventing falls at home. Comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the patient will be done right at the start of care (vision, balance, medication, sensation, and coordination); address concerns and problems immediately once identified and provide the right disciplinary intervention; combine multidisciplinary intervention with the most advanced technologies to address weakness, neuropathies, and pain; environmental assessment and home modification will be completed to address the serious issues of falls.


Triune Home Health Partners has developed a program to help address the needs of patients with Total Hip Replacements, Total Knee Replacements and other orthopedic cases by providing education, following universal and surgeon-specific protocols, and using advanced adjunct modalities (Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, TENS, and Anodyne therapy) to address strengthening and pain relief.


Triune Home Health Partners has put an important emphasis on patient, family and caregiver education and training to ensure optimal healing and safe home environment to help make patients become independent at home. Education and training is incorporated with every treatment and every program by the company.


We are one of the very few home health agencies that offer therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound electrical stimulator, TENS, and Anodyne Therapy. With the therapeutic modalities, we provide specialized treatment programs for a wide range of prevalent geriatric conditions that addresses conditions like pain, muscle weakness and other musculoskeletal and neurological deficits. The goal is to improve treatment outcomes for a broader population and more medically complex conditions.


Part of our mission statement is giving back to the community. We offer In-service educational presentations on many different health topics. We also work with community services and offer blood sugar and blood pressure screens. We hope to help the community look after their well-being and be more aware of the importance of maintaining their health. Prevention is the best cure.